Opportunities and Obstacles in ASP.NET Development.
Opportunities and Obstacles in ASP.NET Development.

ASP.NET is a Microsoft technology to facilitate interactive web application development and build rich and dynamic websites. One of the major features of this technology is that it can access both client-side and server-side scripts. The developer working with ASP.NET MVC Development Company can set different conditions in the ASP program, and use this language

to manage the content of any page.   Here are some major advantages and disadvantages of ASP.NET.


1.      It Enables Separation of Concern


ASP.NET uses the MVC architecture, which permits a separate input, process and output of the application. This three-layered architecture, Model-View-Controller has inter-related parts, and can handle individual development aspects of software applications developed by software companies in UAE.


2.      Brings down Coding Time

The framework technology is a huge help in bringing down coding time, especially while developing critical applications. There are several types of code reviews, so you have little chance of producing bad code. Regular code reviews would improve code quality.


3.      Out Of Box Features


ASP.NET delivers improves performance and scalability. It also offers features like just-in-time compilation, early binding, native optimization, and caching services, and they enhance performance several grades higher. The codes here are not read like the conventional ASP pages.


4.      World Class Tool Box


The framework through its visual studio integrated development environment comes along with some rich toolbox. This toolbox acts as a critical building framework and helps the developer in creating applications very quickly.  The toolbox is known for its features like drag-and-drop server controls WYSIWYG editing and automatic deployment.

5.      Powerful and Flexible

The framework language is build out of common language runtime, therefore all the web application developers can have the flexibility and power of the whole platform. It is also independent of language, so that the language for you application is totally up to you, or even extend your application across different languages.

6.      Simplicity

From simple to complicate to tricky ones, each individual task can be performed easily. The common language runtime makes development an easy one, with services like garbage collection and automatic reference counting. The framework allows the developer to build user interfaces that can disconnect application logic and presentation code.

7.      Customizability and Extensibility

The well-structured architecture of the framework is a big assistance to developers. You can effortlessly extend or replace the sub-component of the ASP.NET run time with the help of your customized components. Carrying out those have become all the easier.


Before starting work with the framework, make sure to realize to understand its disadvantage. This would provide you better results.  

1.      Security

Security is one of the major advantages of working with the framework. But clearly, extra care should be taken to protect the applications. 

2.      Expensive

While comparing with open source alternatives, ASP.NET is expensive, as you have to foot costs such as SQL Server licenses, Visual Studio licenses, Windows server licenses. This makes the hosting companies in UAE
charge etc. for their services.

Also, the upkeep of the framework is costly, and you might have to utilize more server resources than other languages, for example, PHP.

3.      Documentation is Not Exactly Perfect

The documentation of the framework is not as perfect as you desire, and while building MVC apps, you could encounter problems.

4.      ASP.NET Core Is Unsatisfactory

Many users report that ASP.Net core is rudimentary. Basic features like Data Access might not offer the expected 100%. So might have to be cautious when the app is about to be released because certain codes might not work.

5.      Modifications  in the App

Modifications might not work in the subsequent versions of your app. What works with the present version might not work in the next and will have to get help from GitHub.


As you have read above, there are many benefits with ASP.NET. Face the disadvantages with experience and knowledge and you can build high-quality websites and apps.