Why is ASP.Net Most Suited for Your Next Project?
Why is ASP.Net Most Suited for Your Next Project?

ASP.Net is a Microsoft technology solution introduced in the early 2000’s as an extension to the .NET platform. It is C# based server-side web application framework which offers a variety of variety of libraries and tools. Also, other packages available on the .NET platform like Visual Studio can be easily used for web development.

The base framework for processing requests is presented along with the web-page templating syntax, the authentication system, editor extensions, and pattern libraries. ASP.Net web development framework enables the development of different types of applications including dynamic web pages, microservices, REST APIs and real-time hubs.  

Among the chief functionalities offered by ASP.Net is the web-page templating syntax called Razor. It enables the developers to write the back-end code in C#. Once the code is evaluated on the server, the HTML content will be sent to the users. Moreover, the user side is written in JavaScript that seamlessly integrates with ASP.Net. Multiple editor extension also enable code completion and syntax highlighting.

Previously, ASP.Net web applications supported only Windows hosting services in Dubai but with the latest version released in 2016, it is extended to Linux and Mac OS hosting services.

Benefits of ASP.Net for Web Development

As a matter of fact, any web technology can be an excellent choice if it meets the requirements. To give a comprehensive answer to why ASP.Net is best suited for web development, we would like to put forward certain features of ASP.Net.

To begin with, ASP.Net is a mature framework that has been around for a couple of decades with a developer community of more than 60000 and a continuously growing market share. Although it is a Microsoft Technology solution it is an open-source framework with a vibrant community support. This has resulted in accessibility of different libraries and transparent guidelines. Also Microsoft invests significant resources for its regular updates. Hence there is no risk of any outdated approach. 

Another major benefit offered by ASP.Net is the fast and efficient performance. The compilation need to be done only once since the .NET platform can execute the compile code repeatedly. This makes it more consistent and scalable. Scalability is an excellent performance booster. It includes the optimization of the code as well as architecture and infrastructure, catching, networking etc.

In addition to scalability ASP.Net offers robust security. All the required authentication protocols are supported.

Hence for the above quoted reasons ASP.NET web development services are preferred by many companies for their functionalities, security and regular updates.