5 Top Java-Based Content Management Systems
5 Top Java-Based Content Management Systems

Java CMS is a content management system that’s built on the Java platform used predominantly by companies providing Enterprise Application Services. Most Java- based CMS platforms take advantage of open source framework like Spring to design excellent software.  Benefits of choosing a Java-based CMS include Java Technology Stack, Familiarity, Integrations, Security, Platform Independence, Easy Deployment and Scalability.

Here are 5 top Java based content management systems


Alfresco is one the top Java based open source content management system used for Open Source CMS Development. It features enterprise repository and portlet capabilities, record management, knowledge management, web management and many more.

Alfresco is essentially designed for Open source CMS development companies in Dubai who require modularity and scalable performance. It has a modular architecture and permits end users to efficiently manage applications across the cloud, mobile and hybrid environments. 


Magnolia is an open-source content management system based on Content repository API for Java. It is a prominent CMS due to its unconventional functionality and ease of use under open source. It has a modular based architecture and has a unique content delivery features in a search engine optimized manner.


LogicalDOC is an emerging as a powerful and more affordable alternative to much more well-known software such as Alfresco.

It features on Document Management, content management, knowledge management and collaboration management.

LogicalDOC uses Google GWT which makes the user interface a very responsive one while the data transfer with the server is minimum.


Asbru is a data base driven web content management system (CMS). It is ready to use, featuring integrated community, e-commerce and statistics modules for creating, publishing and managing Internet, Extranet and Intranet websites.


OpenCMS is a Java and XML based technology that allows you to design a highly tailored and interactive websites and portals. Beside an open-source environment (Linux, Apache, MySQL) as well as commercial environment (Windows NT, IIS, BEA Web logic, Oracle).