Why Open Source CMS is the Ideal Cost-Effective Solution to Your Business
Why Open Source CMS is the Ideal Cost-Effective Solution to Your Business

In this article, let’s explore the strengths of open source content management systems. There are reasons why the demand is so high for open source CMS development. One of those reasons is the fact that open source CMS solutions reduce costs considerably. The development itself isn’t costly as well. Like every open source development services, a CMS solution isn’t that expensive. 

For instance, LAMP development services uses free open source technologies to build web apps. Though there is no comparison here, generally open source solutions don’t cost much, and provides ROI as well. 

Open Source CMS

CMS software essentially makes it easier for people who lack programming and HTML skills to edit their website content. Each pen source CMS solution tend to do this differently. There are numerous open source CMS solutions to choose from, the more popular ones being Joomla, Drupal, and WordPress. 

  • Joomla: The Joomla framework is designed for easy customization for website developers. It was originally developed as an all-purpose CMS solution that grants users the ability to upload, manage, delete, and organize content with different degrees of authorship. The scheduled release of Joomla updates means the developers can plan ahead. 
  • Drupal: Drupal underwent many augmentations into its framework, one of which was the ability to function as a CMS. That’s the benefit of open source. Because the source code is made available to everyone, the community itself collectively figures out ways to augment the technology in innovative ways. 
  • WordPress: By far one of the most popular open source platforms, WordPress framework is basically a blog-style CMS. It’s being used by over 60% of the top million sites, and was originally created to be a platform where people can post sequential text and images for readers and subscribers. 

How open source CMS saves money

Using open source software gives developers a standard framework which they can work on and customize according to their needs. They are extensible and can be modified to achieve things that proprietary software could do. Open source software are being explored and expanded by its huge community every day. This means, chances are you’d find almost any open source solution you seek online. 

Choosing the right open source CMS software is the easy part. Leveraging them effectively is the challenge. Though open source services can be procured at a comparatively lower cost, failure in leveraging them properly can end up costing you more.