6 Extra Skills Every PHP Developer Should Have
6 Extra Skills Every PHP Developer Should Have

LAMP development service is especially popular right now and there is also many people offering LAMP development services in Dubai. If you want to make it big as a PHP developer you have to have more than the prescribed skills of a PHP developer.

1.      JavaScript, HTML and CSS

It is too little to know just to code in PHP but you need to be perfectly fluent in using HTML and CSS as well. Chances are there that you will have to solve errors designers have made, so you will know how to do that and it is about how well you do that.

2.      Knowing What You Are Ignorant About

It easy to know what you know about but it is even harder to realize what all you don’t know. Many developers seem to forget this essential skill in this cut throat environment of finding development jobs. You have to have a clear understanding of the proposal bids and how to bid competently or else you would end up over committing yourself and dent your reputation in the long term.    

  •        Business Communication

Learning how to communicate in a professional manner is essential even if you are a freelance or contract developer. Techies often find it troubling to communicate in a business environment.

  •        Business Finance

Again probably as a one in all person business, you will be in charge of your own finances. May be you need not learn to file your own taxes, which can be outsourced but your day to day finances should be learnt to be managed. This includes learning how to set a fair rate for your time based on the market rates and the taxes that should be paid out of the income.

  •       Project Management

As an independent provider of software development services in Dubai, you won’t have anyone pecking over your neck but you will have to juggle multiple projects and multiple clients simultaneously. So be sure to know how to manage your time and prevent over committing. 

  •       Networking

Networking with your fellow developers offering open-source development services help you find more projects and get referrals.



The above skills are essential for a majority of developers. Software development is an even more competent field and it requires hardwork to have a successful career rolling. It offers a lot of flexibility and even greater pay.