The Role of PHP Development in IoT Industry
The Role of PHP Development in IoT Industry

The Internet of Things (IoT) has gone mainstream now at automation in various industries. The whole concept gave a new meaning to software development. According to software development Dubai, PHP has already made its mark when it comes to IoT devices. The popular web development technology has connected complex concepts and framework usage with IoT devices. PHP development might become indispensable for the growth of IoT. 

These so called 'IoT devices' include infrastructures, sensors, smartphones, wireless adapters, and embedded systems that connect together to provide functionalities that were just a fantasy once. Digital transformation accelerated its growth. As per a report from Statista, smart wearable devices are expected to generate more than 50 billion US dollars revenue in the coming years.

PHP Application Development Drives Many Aspects of IoT

A combination of synchronized cloud services and centralized application management can work wonders with distributed architecture for automated industries. Advanced concepts of PHP can do that to an extent for the IoT industry. Handling day-to-day activities with some digital assistance can be achieved by IoT and PHP combined. 

Software in IoT

IoT's hardware base requires platforms like Arduino, and various electronic components. Interconnecting and automating them requires an application software. There are many that serve this purpose.


To program the hardware in an IoT device, there should be flexibility in the connection between programming languages and microcontrollers. Firmata is a protocol that does just that. Firmata client libraries are available in PHP.

A customized serial communication between PHP and Arduino facilitates proper execution of programs. PHP features libraries and serial classes to establish a serial connection. 

PHP Applications for IoT

Thanks to platforms like IBM Bluemix IoT platform and advanced protocols, it's now possible to develop PHP applications that can function as IoT applications. Real-time communication enables IoT apps to deliver many aspects for automation. 


Developing applications that combine IoT concepts and PHP can be of great benefit in this digital era, as the programming language continues to be the most trusted technology by majority of developers over the world. Other open source technologies might play a role as well. IoT apps are getting less sophisticated every day thanks to language flexibility and the simplicity of syntaxes. PHP is getting a lot of attention along with IoT due to its advanced concept implementation capabilities and finer performance. This is going to impact open source development services too to an extent in the near future.