Why Developers Love PHP
Why Developers Love PHP

PHP has a sizeable stake in the software development Dubai industry, and attracts more developers every year owing to its numerous benefits. The server-side scripting language that came out in the mid-1990s, is now the one of the most popular options when it comes to web development beside Java. However it’s tainted by design flaws. 

PHP development kept evolving over the years, the last one being the introduction of PHP 7 back in 2015. But the language still has many people bashing it. Nevertheless, the language is still loved and here are a few reasons why. 

Easy to learn

One of the main reasons why PHP is the most popular web development language is that it’s quite easy to learn. Its accessibility and the abundance of online documentation and resources reduce the learning curve for beginners.

More jobs

PHP offers more job opportunities than Ruby or Objective-C. The demand for PHP for web development consistently rises every year. This means jobs for PHP developers will increase proportionally as well. Though PHP wasn’t trendy for the last two years compared to Python, Go, and Rust, it still owns sizeable stakes in the web development sector; enough to provide more job opportunities as time passes.

Constantly evolving

PHP features modern capabilities like namespaces, closures, and modern frameworks. However, people only recently started to recognize PHP for its potential. Combined with modern features and an effective object-oriented programming model, PHP can be quite powerful to outshine many of its counterparts. The PHP 7 came with great performance improvements emphasizing the fact that the language constantly evolves to better standards. 


Despite many developers deciding to drop PHP a few years back, the language managed to make a comeback without much effort becoming better than ever in the process. It’s now a critical component for most companies providing open source development services. It won’t be a surprise if the language surpasses its rivals in the near future considering how much it’s grown recently.