Different Software Testing Methods for Development
Different Software Testing Methods for Development

As we all know that Software testing is an integral part of software development. Before deploying the software it is mandatory that to test it before. In recent years there are many revolutionary changes happens in the software testing field. Software companies in Dubai, UAE are looking for new trends in this field. Cost optimization is more important in the IT Industry. IT Companies in Dubai believe that the integration of the latest technologies can help in it. 

Here we’re discussing the various kind of Software Testing Methodologies that we are currently using

1.     Automation Testing

2.     Regression Testing

3.     DevOps are some of its kind.

Let’s check out each of these separately

Automation Testing

Nowadays it becomes mandatory that leveraging automation testing. It is crucial for continuous delivery and continuous testing to cover the issues, smooth delivery, and quality product. This is an effective kind of testing format when it comes to the detection of bugs for a continuously changing system.

Regression Testing

This test is commonly applied when any changes are made to existing software, ie if any new features are added. Through this testing process, we can confirm that the previously developed one is working properly.



This is commonly popular for bringing together the development team and operation team together. A modern kind of approach which helps in collaborating and coordinating the various team.

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