5 Matters with the Software Testing Tools.
5 Matters with the Software Testing Tools.

Although a majority of software testers in software testing companies in UAE have adopted testing tools. But still many have shown reluctance to adopt it. Here are some reasons for it.

1.      Usability Compromised For Attractiveness

It has been found that too much focus is given to attractiveness rather than useability by developers of the software testing tools. Hence the interface of the software looks good but is unable to support the workflow of the tester. This is because the chief focus of usability is on goal attainment and supporting the seamless experience of the workflow.

2.      Poor Flexibility of the Software Tool


Some of the testers are still hesitant to adopt these tools. The reason for this is that these too fail to support the evolving requirements of the test environment. These tools are a bit complicated when it comes to usage. Usability must also take into account aptitudes, needs, particular goals, and the class of tool users. 


3.      Unfavorable to  Evolving Requirements 


The usability needs to provide task flows for expert users and novice, and support the movement amid the different layers. Hence it is crucial to keep in mind one thing, which the need for testing keeps on evolving and software testing tools must be designed in a way that it supports changing requirements of
Software Companies in UAE.


4.      Continuing Maintenance and Portability is Often Ignored


Portability can be defined as the capacity of the software to be transferred into another system seamlessly. The testing environment, software being tested, testers, and the tests everything evolves with time. Usability alone will not suffice, portability and maintenance is also very important.


5.      The Aspect of Reliability and Security is Missed


Reliability is the extent to which a system, service, or product will perform its expected functions appropriately for a specified time period. Hence the software testing tool must be offer reliability. This will result in more correct outcomes. Security is the approach taken to protect against undesirable attacks and hacker risks. Consequently, software continues to work error-free under potential threats.


After reading the points above, it can be concluded that usability is an essential feature of the success of the testing tool. However, it is possible to attain during the designing phase of the software testing tool. The testers in various Software Companies in Dubai are from a wide range of experiences and backgrounds. Therefore there is little to be surprised that these tools are to be selectively used.