Software development and the Software types
Software development and the Software types

Software development is the practice programmers use to construct computer programs. The process, also called as the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC), comprises numerous parts that provide a technique for building products that meet technical conditions and user wants.


The SDLC delivers a global standard that software companies can practice to build and expand their computer programs. It bids a defined plan for development teams to trail in the design, formation, and upkeep of high-quality software. The goal of the IT software development process is to form active products within a definite budget and timeline by the Software Development Companies in Dubai

Types of software

Software fits in three core groups depending their use and application. Here are the common sets of software.


System software

Also entitled operating system or OS, system software is the software package your computer uses to interpret input commands into machine-understandable language. The operating system pedals a computer's hardware constituents.


Widespread operating systems used in personal computers consist of the Windows OS from Microsoft, the Linux-based Ubuntu, and Mac OS used in Apple MacBook. The Apache OS is used by web servers while the UNIX OS is used to body copyrighted systems.


Application Software

This is the application many folks in Software Companies in Dubai  use to do tasks on their PCs and smartphones. Examples comprise internet browsers, media players, word processing apps, photo editing tools, anti-virus and (SAS) products.


Programming languages

Programming language is used to make software. It is used only by programmers to build programs for IT Software Companies in Dubai. Programming languages involves PHP, C++, Java, etc.