3 Must-Have Criteria for a Software Testing Partner.
3 Must-Have Criteria for a Software Testing Partner.

There is no lack of software testing companies in Dubai eager to serve overworked testers across the globe. But all testing companies are not the same. Software testing providers comes in different forms, such as strategic partner, testing outsourcer, or specialized testing supplier.

While choosing a software testing partner, don’t choose one that resolve only a limited scope of your QA requirements. Choose a partner that provides a comprehensive approach to testing and an easy to use manner.    

While individual requirements differ business to business and industry to industry, there are some key traits that a strategic QA testing partner should be able to deliver. Here the 3 of the most important one.

1.      Enterprise-Grade Testing At Scale

The magnitude and scope of testing often extends as time goes on. Many internal testing teams struggle to follow the testing demands of their apps and data- and this is no different for software testing partners.

QA partners with little experience might deliver on smaller pilot projects or app launches. But can they continue to test effectively in developing markets, or when the app broadens its capabilities beyond the original scope.

Your software development company in Dubai should be able to scale along your increased capabilities.  Also, bear in mind that you will require new testers over time. The software testing partner must be able to follow your continuing needs. For example, you might need new testers to cater to increased delivery demands or offer a fresh perspective of a new feature.

Testing at scale does not mean employing more people to solve an issue. As a business increases in size, so does the risk involved. Your software testing partner must face newer threats to your business, even if their origin is from a malicious source or nosy competitors.

Search for a provider that offers secure testing at scale and protects your data and as well as your infrastructure.


2.      Test Coverage For Devices and Platforms


We have come a long way from the day’s majority of users engaged with digital products on a desktop or laptop alone. Devices are piling up every year.

Software testing partners should broaden test coverage for devices and platforms that are outside the purview of testability for many organizations along with the necessary resources in-house or externally.


Also, as newer platforms like video streaming and virtual reality gain popularity, you need a QA partner who can keep afloat.


Look for a software company in Dubai that can take advantage of testers all around the world to corroborate functionality and services, and keeping turning the revenue stream rolling in.


3.      Not Just Functional Validation But Comprehensive Software Testing


Functional testing is the core of QA, but it must not be the only way of validating an application. Also, the software testing partners should account for user expectations i.e. just meeting of functional requirements would not be enough.


While functional tests cover a lot of issues, specialized testing programs can be helpful to address areas that are deficient in real-world test coverage. For example, payment testing helps organizations ensure the payment gateway for their apps. As part of this approach, software testing partners should test real payment processes, not just dummy transactions.


Likewise, accessibility testing enables businesses to access a user base that is too often marginalized i.e the disabled. QA partners is expected to help organizations to implement accessibility from the design stage and sustain conformance throughout the software development life cycle. 


Comprehensive software testing also implies assessing the user experience.

What excites the users about your app? What are the pain points that they face? Software testing must offer useful information that enables the organization to deliver superior customer experience and retain users. It is always good for the software companies in UAE to set up an in-house software testing team.