Can Dedicated Hosting Give a Good Start to Web Hosting Business?
Can Dedicated Hosting Give a Good Start to Web Hosting Business?

There are many ways to make money online, and one of the most popular ways at present is to start a web hosting company. Hundreds of thousands of websites appear in the internet on a daily basis, and they need hosts. So starting a hosting business is a great idea. However, like in every business there are things that you should assess before starting your online hosting venture. For starters, you can learn quite a lot of things from both upcoming and reputed web hosting companies in Dubai.

You want to make sure you become successful in the shortest time, and sustain that success in the long run as well. For this, the best start is with a minimal investment with focus on customer acquisition. You can set up a good infrastructure later when the business starts generating profit. The general strategy is to use dedicated or reseller hosting packages when you start the business.

Shared hosting won’t be of much use

Neither shared hosting nor free hosting solutions counts as something you can live with, if you want to provide hosting services to clients. Starting a web hosting firm is not like starting a blog site. You need the infrastructure and the hardware to offer a variety of hosting packages that attract customers. 

To achieve this, sometimes you have to rely on big hosting companies by purchasing a hosting package from them for your own hosting business (dedicated/VPS/reseller packages).

With that said, there are a lot of choices for you to start a hosting business without a big investment. Reseller hosting is one of them.

Starting with reseller hosting

This is the easiest option to start a hosting business, where you buy a reseller hosting package from a bigger, reliable hosting firm and then sell the package to your customers. The most obvious advantage of this is that it doesn’t require to invest on infrastructure, technical assistance and maintenance. It will all be taken care of by the bigger hosting as it’s their package you are selling.

However, you will still need to do a bit of research to find the right host to buy the reseller package from. With the right reseller host, you can rest assured that the customer won’t experience frequent downtimes and other hiccups. 

A point to note is the fact that reseller hosting packages are only to get a good start for your business. Once customers increase, a reseller hosting package won’t suffice, and you will have to upgrade to VPS or dedicated hosting. 

Upgrading to VPS hosting

If you don’t mind investing a bit to start your business and get an extra boost, VPS hosting should be your choice. VPS hosting features more advanced security mechanisms while giving you root access to the server. This server access enables you to run a plethora of web applications unlike in a shared hosting environment. 

Another advantage is that it gives you almost the same amount of control that a dedicated hosting solution offers, but can be a bit costlier than shared hosting solutions. 

Upgrading to a dedicated server

When client requirements are extensive, a dedicated server is what you need. Dedicated servers are not ideal for beginners in the hosting business on a tight budget, as it’s a bit expensive. However, if you are sure to get a lot of customers from the beginning itself, a dedicated server is definitely a better option than a VPS. 

The advantages of dedicated servers over the others include superior and totally reliable security mechanisms, and comparatively better server performance. 

Before you start

No matter what type of hosting you’ve chosen, you should first do a test run before providing the service to your first customer. It’s best to register a few domains and test the billing operations before you start engaging with clients. Also check if the response time of your technical support is reasonable. Once everything seems right to you, you can start engaging with customers, and run a lucrative business without spending money on infrastructure.