Why Dedicated Server is the Best Hosting Choice for Organizations
Why Dedicated Server is the Best Hosting Choice for Organizations

When an organization decides to deploy new servers to meet end-user needs or even exceed them, there will be a cost of depreciating assets they will have to write off in the books in the coming years. A sensible option in such a scenario would be to use dedicated servers. Of all the hosting choices offered by the Web hosting Dubai industry to organizations, dedicated hosting is the most preferred.


Let’s check out how a leased dedicated server can benefit an organization looking to deploy servers. 

Rapid deployment

Purchasing a new server is one thing. But having it ready takes time. The vendor will need time to configure the hardware to the buyer specifications. Then comes the installation of the server. 

But when it comes to dedicated servers, all you need is the access to start using the resources. The hardware configuration can be done in just a few hours. 

Customizable infrastructure

Getting your apps to perform properly in a shared or VPS environment is a bit tedious considering the fact that you may have to make a few underlying changes in the system. A few of those changes for the apps will have limitations in shared/VPS environments. This isn’t going to be a problem in a dedicated server.

Dedicated performance

With a dedicated server, the system administrators will have a good time configuring hardware-specific services. You can rest assured that the resources will be available at all circumstances. Dedicated performance is the most obvious benefit of dedicated hosting

Ideal choice for growing websites

Website growth may face a number of obstacles in a shared environment as other end-users hosting their websites in the environment can utilize a lot of server resources in turn creating bottlenecks for your website. This could affect your website’s performance as well.

But when your website runs in a dedicated server, such problems don’t arise as your website is free to use 100% of the available resources completely dedicated to the web operations of your organization.  

Ddos protection and uptime

When it comes to protection for your critical services, dedicated server sets a standard of its own. Many dedicated hosting packages offer add-ons in the form of uptime monitoring and Ddos protection. If your website is likely to be targeted by cyber criminals, the ddos protection add-on can be an asset. 

Dedicated servers save time and money

When the present server reaches its limit, organizations tend to go for new servers. This generally happens every 3 to 5 years. Dedicated hosting however saves all that time and money when it comes to planning and deploying servers. 

Even if the business grows big enough to need more out of the hosting service, they need not shift to a different package because many hosting providers offer colocation packages which lets users migrate to a new server for free. Apart from this, there will also be reliable technicians at the data center ready to fix the problems that could arise with the system architecture. 

All these facts above should make it obvious by now how a dedicated server can benefit an organization. It might be a bit expensive but the benefits really do outweigh the cost.