A Guide to Domain Name Reselling
A Guide to Domain Name Reselling

The growth of an industry also brings about the room for the emergence of more avenues. This applies to the web hosting industry as well. The increasing number of websites indicate the growth of domain names as well. As a matter of fact, in Dubai where businesses flourish, web hosting is one of the fastest growing sectors. At present, most hosts offer domain registration services along with the hosting package. 

Domain registration Dubai offers a new opportunity for both individuals and organizations to make profit through domain name reselling. 

What is domain name reselling?

A reseller is someone who purchases products or services to sell to other buyers. However, when it comes to domain name reselling, the reseller is not someone who registers domains, and develop and host websites to sell them for profit.

Domain name resellers are simply agents or representatives of domain registrars. They are also referred to as domain registration resellers. When someone finds it difficult to get the domain name they desire, they can hire domain name resellers to buy those desired domain names from the registrars. For this, the domain name reseller also gets a commission from the domain registrar as well. Resellers can also make a margin on the domain registration cost while reselling to a client.

Growth of domain name reselling

To become a domain registrar, one will have to heavily invest in infrastructure. Returning the capital investment might take a long time as well, in addition to the competitive risk in starting such a business in a crowded marketplace. These are the two main reasons why individuals and organizations go for domain name reselling instead of domain registration. 

Domain name reselling doesn’t require heavy investments and is quite easy to start as well.  Many web hosting, web design, IT services, and email hosting companies etc. in the Dubai market are either domain name resellers or domain registrars. 

Becoming a domain name reseller

To become a domain name reseller, you can apply for the same to ICANN – the international company that regulates the domain name industry. ICANN does specify certain criteria that you will have to meet to become a domain name reseller. 

Once you become an accredited provider after meeting the criteria, you will be able to get domain name registrations at a lower cost. You can also register for a domain reseller account with a reliable web hosting company so that you will be able to host the domain names you resell as well. 

However, domain name reselling is not exactly easy money. There will be competition as more domain name resellers appear in the market every day. With sound business practices, dedication, and good marketing, you can hope to build the business effectively.