How to Make Money from Domains
How to Make Money from Domains

There is a way to make money from domains after purchasing them without advertisements or search engine optimization. All you need to have is a parked domain purchased from a reliable domain registrar or from a company that sells domains in the domain registration Dubai sector. 

What is a parked domain?

It basically means registering a domain name without associating that domain with any services including email or web hosting. People do this to reserve good domain names for future use or as a safety measure against cybersquatting. 

How it can be profitable?

Simple. Once you have a parked domain, you can either:

  • Generate revenue from advertising
  • Sell the domain for a price higher than what you spent to buy it

However, before you buy a domain, you need to consider a few things. You should only buy and park domains that have keyword-rich words that companies would want for their SEO efforts. 

The next thing is the two types of traffic commonly associated with domains.

  • Type-in traffic
  • Searched-for traffic

If your parked domain is keyword-rich, and have popularly searched terms as part of the actual domain name, it can generate type-in traffic. Type-in traffic is from people who visit your parked domain name by typing the domain name directly into the browser without relying on search engines or getting redirected by other websites. 

An ideal parked domain would be general in nature sporting a name that describe a product or service. For instance, or The whole idea stems from the fact that people generally don’t type what they are looking for into the search box when trying to locate a domain. They tend to type in what exactly they are looking for in the address bar, followed by a ‘.com’.

If a person wants to start selling computer peripherals online, he/she might just type that into the browser to see if the domain they have in mind already exists.

As mentioned above, you won’t require SEO or advertising to generate revenue from parked domains. 

What if someone else already parked the domain you wanted?

If this is the case, you might as well look into other profitable keyword-rich domain names. However, the owner of the domain name you originally wanted might be willing to sell it. If the owner does wish to sell it, you should look into the traffic that the parked domain is getting before proposing a deal. You can either get the traffic statistics from the web hosting company or by installing code on the parked domain to record the traffic it generates. 

If the domain’s due to expire, there is one other way – domain backorder. The backorder service lets you attempt to acquire the domain name when it becomes available and when it isn’t renewed. If the owner is still sticking to it, you can make an offer to buy it. 

Once everything’s sorted out, you can list advertisements associated with the keyword in your domain name in the domain, and get paid for it. Signing up for Google Adsense is a hassle-free option. They will automatically put their ads on your domain, and pay you for it. Or you can become an affiliate of Amazon, and link their products in your domain name.

Make sure to promote your parked domain through blogs, articles, and comments in forums.