Why Linux Shared Hosting is a Big Deal
Why Linux Shared Hosting is a Big Deal

Every business in the digital realm needs a website. And every website needs a host. That should be testament to how competitive the hosting industry is. They keep trying to add and present more benefits to webmasters, and climb up the ladder. For instance, the web hosting UAE industry comes with all kinds of hosting offers with unique benefits may it be for business websites or blog sites.

Shared hosting in the UAE, being the cheapest, still has a lot of demand in the market. It’s always been the best option for users with small websites. However, shared hosting can be in either Windows or Linux OS. It might sound surprising but the most preferred one of the two is Linux hosting.

Linux hosting in a nutshell

Obviously it runs on the Linux OS. What makes it preferable is also the OS – open source and free. Thanks to its LAMP feature (Acronym for Linux, Apache, MariaDB/MySQL, Perl/PHP/Python) which combines open source software and server technologies, Linux web hosting proved itself to be the optimal hosting solution at a limited budget. It also provides comparatively more features than Windows hosting, that can be used free of charge.

Benefits of Linux shared hosting


This is easily the most important benefit of Linux hosting. Because Linux is an open source OS, the hosting providers can keep prices down unlike Windows hosting providers. This affordability makes this hosting type an ideal choice for small websites and blogs expecting to get started quickly. An added benefit is the presence of a number of free and popular scripts including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.


Linux already has a reputation for being quite secure and robust. So that should make it obvious that Linux servers would be very secure.


Linux server allows users to create blogs, multimedia applications and even make quick backups with various tools and scripts. But what adds to its flexibility is its General Public License which allows it to be used with other versions of Linux including Ubuntu, Red Hat etc.

Technical support

The open source OS’s huge popularity also means it has a wide support community. If you encounter any problem with Linux servers, you will be able to find a solution from the community. In addition to this, the technical team of the web host will also be of help.

The right Linux hosting company

The hosting package will only be as the company that provides it. Linux has its merits. But to use all those merits to your advantage, you would need your host to offer adequate support and uptime. Go for a company that offers 24/7 technical support even on holidays.

A shared Linux hosting environment means you will be having other users in the server. It is cheap and doesn’t require you to spend time bothering about the technical aspects. Combining that with the OS’s features, Linux hosting is certainly a good deal to get the beginning your website deserves.